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Local Comedy Podcasts

Certified Cinephiles

A podcast from two cinema sickos: Patrick Richardson and William Woods. Two of the world's smartest movie geniuses are bringing retribution to Hollywood's most hated films. Hollywood critics are a bunch of assholes, and Certified Cinephiles is here to tell you exactly how they got it wrong. Every week we uncover a movie that was buried deep in the dank, craven recesses of Hollywood's forgotten memories. Do you like movies? Do you feel wronged by the freakasses in La La Land telling you your favorite films are actually dog dumps? Then this podcast is for you.

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Let's Fight About It

Let's Fight About It is a debate style podcast created by comedian Morgan Gallo. Every week, Morgan brings together guest comedians and artists to argue over important topics like is cheesecake cake? And what is the worst type of pants? It's the only podcast where problem solvers are not welcome. If you’re looking for answers, look elsewhere - this podcast knows no peace.

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The Art of Bombing

In the Art of Bombing podcast, comedians talk about comedy and how sometimes it just does not go as planned. Hosts, Dan & Josh talk to comedians about their worst performances and give tips on what to do and NOT to do when performing and how to cope with failure. Whether you are an aspiring comedian or a comedy nerd, The Art of Bombing has something for everyone! Available wherever you get your podcasts.

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Cobos Patrick Podcast

Denver comedians Matt Cobos and Patrick Richardson attempt to prove to the world they are the dumbest people on the planet. Low effort and high fun.

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Pallet City Podcast

Pallet City Podcast is where comedians get asked questions and riff on the outlandish. Hosted by Garrett Nygren and produced by Slaughterhouse Studios. Based in Denver, comedians get down to funny business as they answer the world’s toughest questions.

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Grawlix Saves the World

The Grawlix Saves The World is a comedy self-help podcast hosted by comedians Adam Cayton-Holland, Ben Roy, and Andrew Orvedahl, the creators of the television show “Those Who Can’t” on Hulu. In every episode, the fellas challenge one another to “better the world by bettering themselves.”

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Slaughterhouse Studios

A collection of people talking about nonsense. Based out of Denver, Slaughterhouse Studios is a podcast network with a variety of shows underneath its banner and production of live shows.

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Hippie Not Hippie Podcast

Zac Maas and AJ Finney get together weekly to catch up, riff on topics, tell stories and have fun! One happens to be a hippie the other is not.

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Steamboat Comedy Podcast

A group of aspiring comedians from the small ski-town of Steamboat Springs Colorado are working to create their own comedy scene far from the big city comedy clubs. This podcast is for them to show how they've managed to create a growing comedy culture in their own backyard, and how you can too!

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